We help brands achieve growth and improve profitability on Amazon through PPC advertising

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Account Audit

Our accurate amazon audits will give you a clear picture of the overall health of your brand along with specific recommendations for improvement.

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PPC Optimization

Our PPC management service is unique, proven, and custom designed for your brand’s specific needs. 

Full Support

Our team is dedicated to helping and growing with all of our brands under management. One way we do that is by offering 24/7 support. 

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Our Process


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Meticulously analyze existing campaign data to prepare for effective optimization.


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Our highly trained campaign managers use AI technology to manage PPC campaigns efficiently.


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Lower ACoS Improve margins Sell more products Scale your brand


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Take everything we learned from the previous steps to create new campaigns and continue growing.

Why Choose Us

It all started when our founder launched his first brand on Amazon back in 2014 and quickly realized the power of paid advertising. What started as a necessary skill to learn for his own business, has now grown into the single most important medium we use to scale businesses on Amazon. With a passion for data analytics and technology, and love for business, we have now helped 100s of companies profitably grow their brands on Amazon through PPC advertising.


Over 6 years of experience managing PPC campaigns for companies of all sizes and in all corners of Amazon. From baby products, to supplements, to kitchen items – you name it and we have done it.


We use Artificial Intelligence technology to optimize bids, set daily budgets, create new campaigns, and set campaign targets.


Our team members are focused, dedicated, and passionate about PPC advertising. We are always learning, improving, taking courses and staying up-to-date with all things Amazon PPC so that you don’t have to.


To help innovative brands reach more customers, improve margins and sell more products on Amazon through PPC advertising.

Paul Dodson

Mario took my main product and:
– Significantly increased sales
– Significantly reduced ACOS
– Significantly increased my conversion rate
– And he increased my product price

The money I paid Mario was returned ten fold in increased profitability !

May 8th. 2020

Michael Parker

Mario was very easy to work with. He took the time to explain terms and features unique to Amazon, and did a fantastic job with the audit. We will not hesitate to hire Mario again when the need arises!

Apr 12th. 2020

Savanna Elliott

Wow. Mario knows the in’s and out’s of how Amazon works, how to best optimize your listing from images to keywords and beyond. I was thrilled to work with him because he was upfront from the beginning and transparent. He wanted to understand my business and my brand, not just look over my product page once. I thought I had a good understanding of how Amazon worked, but Mario taught me a lot. Thoroughly impressed.

Apr 12th. 2020

Our Clients

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